Fiery Protests Heat Ukranian Winters – Update

I’m guilty of not writing updates with my other articles but there have been some new significant events in the Ukrainian protests.


Firstly, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigned from his post on Tuesday Jan 28th. In addition to Azarov’s resignation, the Ukrainain parliament agreed to repeal most of the Draconian laws it had enacted earlier in the month which had placed many restrictions on public protests. These moves are seen as pieces of concession by President Yanukovych as the protest movement against him gets even stronger. Yanukovych also dismissed the rest of his cabinet as well. However, both Prime Minister Azarov and the rest of the ministers will stay on until parliament approves a new cabinet.


 However, President Yanukovych isn’t about to give up without a fight. In a move to tire out the oppositon in the freezing Ukrainian winters, Yanukovych took an unexpected sick leave. This means that the approval to officially accept a new Prime Minister and a new cabinet cannot be completed until Yanukovych returns from his leave of absence. The downside of this move for Yanukovych is that Ukraine is still waiting on a $15 billion aid from Russia and Putin has stated that they will not send the money until they see who is in the new Ukranian cabinet. Thus, the strategy of attrition also has its risks for Yanukovych since the Ukranian economy is currently in a dire need of funds to pay its debts. In effect, Yanukovych has turned this situation into a game of chicken. The protestors can’t stay out in the cold forever and Yanukovych is going to eventually need that money from Russia to keep his country running. Whoever chickens out first, will be dealt a fatal blow.

“There is only one conflict in Ukraine today and it is between the regime and the people”
-Viktor Yushchenko


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