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Throughout my writings, even though I try to explain almost all topics in laymen’s terms, I may tend to make some assumptions about the definitions of certain terms or how certain events unfold.  Have no fear! To educate you further and to help you make sense out of my articles, I have provided a list of educational websites regarding economics, finance, politics and contemporary events. These are great websites which I advise you to explore further in order to enlighten yourself and to become a more educated person. Most of the background material I use to write my articles will come from these sites.


One of the best websites to follow the news, especially on the topics of business, finance, and economics. A lot of politicians, wall street investors, and CEOs of companies regularly give interviews to Bloomberg. Compared to other news sources such as CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, in my opinion, succeeds in being unbiased.


Another great website on current events that has been around since 1843. Its charts and graphs, basic writing style, and discussion videos are great for even the average person to pick up and become educated about the world around us. Their column titled, “The Economist explains”, gives clarity on issues that most people wonder but never know the answer to.


A hard hitting news websites that focuses on political events around the world. They have done some very great journalism in the past few years and include columns from some of the most educated individuals in the world.


The wikipedia of finance and economics, Investopedia is an amazing website that has explanations to many economic/financial topics and terms. They also include study guides to many financial certification exams along with an investment simulator for those looking to get their feet wet before they enter investing in stocks.


Another good website that contains the latest stories around the world. Look for Whiteboard videos by Paddy Hirsch where many economic and financial topics are explained in short videos using simple analogies (eg. the Eurozone crisis explained with the 3 little pigs).


A website that provides news and tips for investors. Look for video tutorials by Tim Bennett which explain financial and economic concepts related to investing in a very simple and witty manner.

Of course there are other websites out there such as the FT(Financial Times) and WSJ(Wall Street Journal). However, those sites require you purchase a paid membership in order to access them.

No matter where you go, no matter how old you get, never stop learning and never stop questioning.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
-Leonardo da Vinci


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