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Hero/Villain of the Month – December

I might be a few days late but it took me a while to decide who to pick as hero and villain of the month. But with some deep thinking, I’ve made my choices.

Hero of the Month: Nelson Mandela


Even though December technically was the month that Mandela passed away, his legacy and his life’s work deserves to be respected and honored once more. Initially born into a life of poverty, Mandela made it his life’s mission to end the racist apartheid social structure in South Africa and bring equality and freedom to all. In 1964, the South African government banned the African National Congress (ANC) and sent Mandela to prison for over 20 years. After continuous international pressures to end racial segregation, the South African government released Mandela and lifted the ban on the African National Congress. The ANC won the following elections and Mandela became the nation’s first black president of South Africa in 1994. The most honorable act of Mandela’s life in my opinion was to embrace his former oppressors instead of lashing out against them as apartheid came to an end. “If you want to make peace with your enemy you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner,” he wrote in his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, published four years after his release from prison in 1990. Following his presidency, Mandela dedicated his life for philanthropic work as he sough to increase the education of African children and aided the fight against AIDS and poverty. Even though we all might face different challenges in our daily lives, we can all learn a lesson of humility, courage and determination from Nelson Mandela.

Villain of the Month: Viktor Yanukovych


Earlier last month, Ukraine was on the cusp of signing a free trade agreement with the European Union. But in the last minute, Ukraine elected to stay in the Russian sphere of influence by scrapping the deal with the EU and instead signing a deal with Russia for cheaper natural gas imports and cheap money that is desperately needed to finance Ukraine’s deficit. This sudden decision prompted a wave of protests across the nation as Ukrainians desired to become more integrated with the rest of Europe. The protesters called for the cancellation of the deal with Russia and for the resignation of Yanukovych. However, the Ukrainian president responded violently as police cracked down on the protesters with force. The opposition party in government called for a vote to force Yanukovych but could not get enough votes to accomplish their goal. For his lack of transparency, his violent response and his desire for choosing short term funding from Russia instead of the greater freedom closer ties with the EU would bring, Viktor Yanukoyvch is December’s villain of the month.

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world”
-Nelson Mandela